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Don't forget, with Genie you can create an entire library of virtual rewards for every occasion. Upload your own image, give it a catchy name and description, then use it in any of your learning games.

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    Don't forget, with Genie you can create an entire library of virtual rewards for every occasion. Upload your own image, give it a catchy name and description, then use it in any of your learning games.

Discovery Workbook

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Discovery PDF




Discovery PDF


Welcome to Space Blocks! The game will begin after you've answered all of your course questions.


This is your rucksack - it contains all the badges and assets you collect along the way.


Here, in the main menu, you can recap on your learning so far, see how much you’ve got to go, and get help.


As you progress through the course, watch your points tally up!


Welcome to the Space Blocks.

Welcome to the Space Blocks game demo.

This learning game was created using the Genie content authoring tool. Just like magic, Genie empowers you to create high-impact, mobile-ready and super engaging learning content quicker than ever before. Better still, no technical expertise is required.

Simply add your content, construct your learning experience and select your template with a single click. When you’re ready, you can export your learning game or microunit as a SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, xAPI or cmi5 file.


Fixed Action Rewards Games

F.A.R games are games that can only be played once a set of actions have been completed. In other words, by consuming all the associated learning content, users unlock the game itself. This approach has two key benefits:

  • Learners are incentivised to make progress through your content by the reward of new gameplay activity. Gated games act as a carrot for continued professional development.
  • Learning is kept separate from gameplay. This means learners can apply all their focus to the task at hand, rather than switching back and forth between activities.

As such, these games are perfect for content creators who have complex ideas or topics to explore. This is the way to go if you need your learners to apply deep focus to your content.


Ready for Liftoff!

This space-themed variant of Mental Blocks is astronomically fun. With Space Blocks, learners will need to guide their rocket through the cosmic abyss, collecting score-boosters and avoiding space debris as they go.

Colliding with this detritus can impact your score and inflict any number of impediments on your best made efforts. To master this game, you’ll need focus, dexterity and a small slice of luck. Succeed, however, and you’ll feel over the moon!


Gaining by Gaming

Learning games appeal to our natural desire for competition, collaboration and mastery. That’s why they work for learners of all ages and from all walks of life. They’ve also been shown to release feel-good chemicals that put you in the perfect headspace for learning.

Whether you’re using learning games as a reward for hard work, or to help drive focus, one thing’s clear: they should be a part of your training arsenal.


Fixed Action Reward games can only be played once:

  • a set of actions have been completed.
  • you've changed in to your gym kit.
  • your working day is done.

Let The Games Begin!

Now you know the theory behind the game, the fun can begin. Tap ‘Continue’ to take Total Recall for a spin.

Remember, if you like what you see, you can sign-up here for a 21-day free Genie trial.



You have completed your learning quest.

How to play Space Blocks:

Move left and right to collect as many positive blocks as possible as they move down the screen (arrow keys on the desktop version).

Be careful to avoid the negative blocks - there will be consequences.

Gain points: Collect one of these to earn 10 points.
Lose points: Hit this and you’ll lose 30 points and your streak metre will be reset.
Freeze: Hit this and you will be frozen in place for 4 seconds. This effect can be cancelled.
Reverse: Left is right and vice versa for 4 seconds. This effect can be cancelled if you have any left.
Go Slow: Hit this block and you will be frustratingly slow for 4 seconds. It can be cancelled.
Game Over: Hit this block and it’s curtains! Regardless of how many cancels you have left.
  1. Total time remaining.
  2. Streak metre: Collect 15 positive blocks in a row and all the negative blocks will transform into positive blocks for 5 seconds.
  3. Total in-game score.
  1. Displays which negative block is active and how much longer the effect will last.
  2. Cancel button: Hit this area to cancel the effect a negative block is having on you (spacebar on the desktop version).
  3. Cancel counter: Displays the total amount of cancels you have left available in the game.